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When everything is lonely I can be my own best friend.

I get a coffee and the paper, have my own conversations

Jane, came, by with a lock of your hair.
29 June
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Me // My name is Daniella, but you can call me Ella. I'm thirteen years old, but soon to be fourteen. My most favourite band are Bright Eyes, and solo artist is, Bjork. I come from London, and I love it. I'm a big mixture of things. I can be really quiet, but I am not shy. And I can be really hyper and insane - but that only ever happens in front of people I know. I hate it when people hate me for no reason, and don't even know me. But I can be a bit hypocritical. I also hate people who moan about being depressed in every other LJ entry. I probably know other people that have got it alot worse than you, so shut up and quit moaning :P I believe in God, and I don't care if it's uncool not to be an atheist! So if you have something against religous people than don't add me. Because at times, it's comferting to believe in something. My favourite movie is probably, Closer. Lastly, I have a pet bunny rabbit, Sputnik, and dog, Holly, and I ♥ them both!

Likes|Hobbies // Reading, writing, drawing, Live Journal, photography, indie film, piercings, graphics, freezepops, scuzz, omlette, dieting, green tea, animals, models, fashion/fashion design, music, vegetarianism, english, french, my friends, sleeping, Google.

Dislikes|Pet peeves // Homophobes, sheep, factory farms, animal cruelty, bullying, death, depression, fakes, posers, school, attention seekers, overplayed songs, pro-anorexia, grammar whores, meat.

Music // Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, FFAF, The BloodBrothers, Razorlight, H.I.M, Fiona Apple, Leonard Cohen, Hole, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Libertines, The Sugarcubes, Camera Obscura, P.J Harvey, Bjork, Bloc Party etc etc.


The majority of my lj is public, but with personal entries I'll probably make them private or friends only. Feel free to add me as long as we share some of the same interests, and you don't like the things I hate. 'Cos then you're just a plain asshole :P

I'm damn cool so come stalk me @ Image hosted by Photobucket.com IxHeartxJam or jesuslovemehmore(@hotmail.com)

Bright Eyes is love

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♥Conor Oberst Is Crazy Mixed Up Love♥
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Being Alone is Love. Sucks.

Potterpuffs are "Everyone laughs at Snape's undies" love.
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Lips are Love.

Being A Cancer is Love.

Rejected Cartoons is rejected love

Thanks for previous layouts ru_top!

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i'm in ravenclaw!

adopt your own suicidal girl!

Imagine All The People

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